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CompanyDrug NameStatusIndication Group
Schering-Plough REMICADE Approved in USA, EU and AustraliaMusculoskeletal system
Wyeth ReFacto AF Approved in USABlood & blood forming organs
Forbes Medi-Tech Reducol Approved in EUAlimentary tract & metabolism
Novartis Rasilez Submitted for approval in EUCardiovascular system
Genentech Raptiva Approved in USDermatologicals
Genentech Raptiva accomplished Phase IIMusculoskeletal system
Roche Raptiva in Phase IIMusculoskeletal system
Genentech Raptiva discontinuedMusculoskeletal system
Kyowa Rapinyl in Phase INervous system
Santarus Rapinex Approved in USABlood & blood forming organs
Wyeth Rapamune Approved in USAAntineoplastic & immunomodulating agents
Wyeth Rapamune in Phase IIIAntineoplastic & immunomodulating agents
CV Therapeutics Ranexa Approved in USACardiovascular system
Barrier Therapeutics Rambazole accomplished Phase IIDermatologicals
Biovail Ralivia FlashDose Submitted for approval in USANervous system
Biovail Ralivia ER Approved in USA and CanadaNervous system
Allergy Therapeutics Ragweed MATA MPL in Phase IIAntineoplastic & immunomodulating agents
Teva Pharmaceutical QVAR Easy-Breathe in Phase IIIRespiratory system
ChemGenex Quinamed accomplished Phase IIAntineoplastic & immunomodulating agents
Cytogen QUADRAMET in Phase IAntineoplastic & immunomodulating agents

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