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CompanyDrug NameStatusIndication Group
Osiris Therapeutics Prochymal accomplished Phase IIAlimentary tract & metabolism
Osiris Therapeutics Prochymal accomplished Phase IIAntineoplastic & immunomodulating agents
Osiris Therapeutics Prochymal in Phase IIAlimentary tract & metabolism
Columbia Laboratories PROCHIEVE discontinuedGenito urinary system & sex hormones
BioBalance Probactrix accomplished Phase IAlimentary tract & metabolism
BioBalance Probactrix in Phase IAlimentary tract & metabolism
Elan Prialt Approved in EU and USANervous system
Tibotec PREZISTA Approved in USA and EUAnti-infectives for systemic use
Novartis Prexige discontinuedMusculoskeletal system
Wyeth PREVNAR for Adults in Phase IIAnti-infectives for systemic use
Takeda Prevacid / Takepron Injectable formulation Approved in USA and EU, submitted for approval in JapanAlimentary tract & metabolism
Watson Prestara discontinuedAntineoplastic & immunomodulating agents
NPS PREOS Approved in EU and USAMusculoskeletal system
Cobalis PreHistin accomplished Phase IIIRespiratory system
Baxter International PreFluCel accomplished Phase IIIAnti-infectives for systemic use
GlaxoSmithKline PPV Pneumo in Phase IAnti-infectives for systemic use
TorreyPines Therapeutics Posiphen accomplished Phase INervous system
MediGene AG Polyphenon E Ointment Approved in USA, submitted for approval in EUGenito urinary system & sex hormones
MediGene AG Polyphenon E Ointment accomplished Phase IIDermatologicals
Amicus Therapeutics Plicera in Phase IIAlimentary tract & metabolism

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