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CompanyDrug NameStatusIndication Group
Paladin Labs Oxytrol Approved in CanadaGenito urinary system & sex hormones
Pain Therapeutics Oxytrex in Phase IIINervous system
Cardiome pharma Oxyprim Approved in USAAlimentary tract & metabolism
United Therapeutics OvaRex in Phase IIIAntineoplastic & immunomodulating agents
Anika Therapeutics ORTHOVISC Approved in USAMusculoskeletal system
Bristol-Myers Squibb ORENCIA Approved in USA and CanadaMusculoskeletal system
DOR BioPharma orBec Submitted for approval in EUAlimentary tract & metabolism
Nobex Oratonin accomplished Phase IMusculoskeletal system
SuperGen Orathecin discontinuedAntineoplastic & immunomodulating agents
YM BioSciences ORATAQ accomplished Phase IAntineoplastic & immunomodulating agents
Allergy Therapeutics OralvacB2MPL in Phase IAntineoplastic & immunomodulating agents
Generex Biotechnology Oral-lyn Approved in Ecuador, In Phase IIIAlimentary tract & metabolism
PediaMed Oralgam in Phase IINervous system
Access OralDisc A Approved in USAAnti-infectives for systemic use
Nobex Oral APAZA in Phase IIAlimentary tract & metabolism
CollaGenex Oracea Approved in USADermatologicals
MacroChem Opterone accomplished Phase IGenito urinary system & sex hormones
Endo Opana Approved in USANervous system
Endo Opana Approved in USANervous system
Antigenics Oncophage discontinuedAntineoplastic & immunomodulating agents

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