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CompanyDrug NameStatusIndication Group
Gilead Sciences Viread Approved in USA and EuropeAnti-infectives for systemic use
Roche VIRACEPT Submitted for approval in EUAnti-infectives for systemic use
Neurobiological Technologies Viprinex in Phase IIICardiovascular system
Bristol-Myers Squibb VIDEX enteric, coated in Phase IIIAnti-infectives for systemic use
Pharmion Vidaza Approved in USAAntineoplastic & immunomodulating agents
Abbott Laboratories Vicodin-CR in Phase IIINervous system
Viventia Biotech Vicinium in Phase IIAntineoplastic & immunomodulating agents
Pfizer VIC-Acne accomplished Phase IDermatologicals
Pfizer Vfend Approved in USAAnti-infectives for systemic use
Pfizer Vfend Approved in USAAnti-infectives for systemic use
GlaxoSmithKline Vesicare Approved in USAGenito urinary system & sex hormones
Astellas Pharma Vesicare Approved in USA and EUGenito urinary system & sex hormones
Inhibitex Veronate in Phase IIIAnti-infectives for systemic use
Altana Venticute in Phase IIIRespiratory system
Actelion Ventavis and Tracleer accomplished Phase IICardiovascular system
Actelion Ventavis Approved in USACardiovascular system
Actelion Veletri in Phase IICardiovascular system
Actelion Veletri discontinuedCardiovascular system
Roche Veletri in Phase IIICardiovascular system
Millennium Velcade and Thalidomide in Phase IIIAntineoplastic & immunomodulating agents

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